Implemented Bearer JWS tokens

 mhus now supports bearer tokens for authentication. I used the project jjwt to implement the tokens and added dependencies of the current version 0.11.2. The token is implemented to be used with apache shiro. A new service JwtProvider implements creation and reading of the tokens. The keys if not exists will be created and stored in the keychain. Private and public keys in separate key sources. In this way the public keys can be published to other nodes. A new interface BearerRealm must be used to mark realms with Bearer support. Using the interface a token can be created from the realm implementation. You should use the AccessUtil to create tokens. The authentication is already implemented in rest and micro calls. Via rest a node '/jwt_token' can be used to create a token - expires after one hour - and use it as authentication. To use jjwt with osgi I as forced to create a port project. First the 'feature' character of the bundles is not supported in the current felix

Reorg in generation 7 nearly finished

 The generation 7 shows massive reorganisations and reimplementations. After renaming repository names (moved the 'cherry' prefix to 'mhus') the reorg is finished and the sources are ready for a more stable generation 8. Generation 8 will add new features to work with none OSGi services in cloud environments. Actual changes: cherry-reactiive -> mhus-reactive cherry-vault -> mhus-vault cherry-web -> mhus-web mhus-osgi-cluster -> mhus-cluster

Simplify My Blog

To simplify my blog I moved all entries from 'de' and 'dev' into the main blog. This will make it simpler for me to mange the blog and will hide the fact that too less posts on the blog ;) I plan to write more short posts then a few extended once. 

[dev] Generation 7 - Remove unused prefixes from artifact names

 In Generation 7 (all versions with miner 7 version) all needless prefixes are removed. This means if the artifact name includes the name of the main project - most of all the prefix 'mhu'. For example in the project 'mhus-lib' there was the package 'mhu-lib-core'. The prefix is now removed and the package is name 'lib-core'. The second prefix is left to specify the project.

[dev] Migrate mhus-sop to mhus-rest and mhus-micro

 For reorganisation I split the project mhus-sop to mhus-rest and mhus-micro and parts in the existing mhus-osgi-tools. Now mhus-sop (service orientated platform) is depecated. The parts to handle rest interfaces is moved to mhus-rest. Why another rest framework? Because this rest is prepared to handle deep rest structures instead of for example jax-rs. The parts for Operations and Operation providers are moved to mhus-micro. This is the central framework to work with micro services. It's able to combine different micro service frameworks to one interface. The part AAA and ADB Service is moved into mhus-osgi-tools. Some interfaces are moved directly in mhus-lib. The tool IdentUtil will return the current ident without big actions.

[dev] Use of felix healtchecks in karaf 4.2.6

 I tried to investigate in the felix healthcheck framework to create kubernetes health and ready checks. I found that the healthcheck can be used in karaf even. You have to install it manually with install -s mvn:org.apache.commons/commons-lang3/3.9 install -s  mvn:org.apache.felix/org.apache.felix.healthcheck.api/2.0.2 install -s  mvn:org.apache.felix/org.apache.felix.healthcheck.core/2.0.2 install -s  mvn:org.apache.felix/org.apache.felix.healthcheck.generalchecks/2.0.2 And the webconsole: feature:install webconsole install -s  mvn:org.apache.felix/org.apache.felix.healthcheck.webconsoleplugin/2.0.0 Now you can see the check results with: http://localhost:8181/system/console/healthcheck The source is available under

[dev] Migrate to mhus-lib 3.6.3 - extract vaadin libs

 The main change in mhus-lib will be the extraction of mhu-lib-vaadin into a separate project mhus-vaadin. In this project I started a library for vaadin 14+ but for preparation I moved the subproject of vaadin 8 to this project together. Also the vaadin bridge from mhus-osgi-tools is now located in the new repository. The new project pass on the The package declaration was not changed