[dev] uptime command for karaf

 A tool that I love for unix is uptime. Showing the current and last runtimes. Now I invested 60 minutes to implement id in karaf also. Showing the current and last runtime records or the karaf server as the original.

Use 'uptime' to see the current records

karaf@root()> uptime 
Status        | Runtime           | Start                     | Pid         | System              
CLOSED        | 00 12:14:52       | 2018-08-03 22:26:43       | 24703       | 02 02:18:00         

CURRENT       | 00 00:39:39       | 2018-08-04 10:41:37       | 26418       | 02 02:58:00         

Using -u you can order it by uptime.

It also shows the system uptime and pid of the records. It's a nice tool for analysing.

Have fun ...


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